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I can help you find your space online – review which social media platforms would best suit your needs, or help design a website with an efficient and easy to navigate user experience for your customers.



Your website will always be your most important sales collateral. It proves your business's credibility, and builds relationships with current & prospective customers. Using the latest in design trends, I can mockup and build a site that will resonate with your clients, be accessible for all, and lead to new client conversions. ​


Landing Pages

Social media and paid search ads are incredible tools to gain prospective clients. I'll assist you in creating a well-laid out and informative landing page that will allow you to gain prospective clients. ​


Social Media Branding

Using your current branding, I'll create the design elements for your social media collateral. This would include a style guide, a social media color palette, a format of your logo saved for your social platforms and a profile cover/banner for each platform .​


Social Media Graphics

Should any of your marketing campaigns require social media graphics, I'll work with your team to create unique designs using your branding AND put together a template that you and your team can easily edit in the future.



There’s no better way to introduce your brand to the thought leadership scene than converting an old blog post or article into a visually engaging and digestible graphic. I'll work with you to convey your data efficiently in a style that compliments your branding.


eBooks & Digital Publishing

If you’ve already established yourself as a thought leader with numerous blog posts on one subject, you may be thinking of putting out an eBook as your next step. I will work with your brand/company style to layout those articles into a fully downloadable PDF with front and back covers and accompanying graphics.

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We also offer copyediting services for all your creative works including social media ad, resumes, sales sheets, press releases and more.

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